The most common system of taxation in the Russian Federation are:

  • general (Obligations for taxes: value added tax 18%, income tax 20%, property tax does not exceed 2.2%);
  • simplified 15%  (income minus expenses is taxable at the rate of 15%);
  • simplified 6%  (income is taxable at the rate of 6%);
  •  a single tax on imputed income (UTII) - this system is not independent and is used along with one of the above. (Imputed income is taxable, which is calculated on the basis of quantitative indicators (eg. square meter of a rading hall for retail trade) at the rate of 15%)


For simplified taxation system there is a maximum income level for 2015 and it is equal to 60 mln. rubles.


No, it is not necessary, according to the law.

If the profitability of the business is more then 40% than simplified 6% should be chosen, if not then simplified 15%. For a more precise answer each business should be considered separately. We provide advice for companies on such issues.

The minimum cost of our services will be 4,500 rubles per month, but more precise cost will depend on individual indicators.

We will need all the documentation and information about the financial and business operations of the organization. We do the rest.

We bear full financial responsibility for the poor-quality work and the mistakes.

It is reduction of tax payments under the current legislation.

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