Accounting support - is continuous provision of reliable and generalized information about the financial position of the business to the customer. It represents information about the terms of payment and the amount of taxes, about liabilities and assets, and other financial and business information about the organization.
CFO is responsible for financial risk management of the company and is also responsible for data analysis and financial planning. CFO directly assists the Director of company in strategic and operational management issues. Our experts will help both start-up company and experienced organizations in important management decisions.
Often, organizations are faced with the legal accounting issues that require the involvement of qualified specialists. Also organizations need to support controversial situations. We will help you to solve these issues and situations.
Consulting - is an advice in the field of accounting, taxation, civil law, labor law, and finance, which is provided both orally and in writing, depending on customer needs. Consultations can be conducted by phone, using Skype or face to face.
We offer rent of the legal address for the organization in the office of our company. We also offer postal and secretarial services, which involves the collection and transmission of all correspondence to the customer.
Full information on the volume, composition, cost and timing of services contained in the "Regulations and tariffs."
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